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06-15-2012, 02:17 PM
Stay out of her foward arc/debuff her turn rate and no one should ever die. Really you should be able to chain TBs/Omega 3 part proc/GW/EWP/Theta w/e debuffs you choose to reduce her turnrate. Ask teammates/pugmates to help w/this if needed.

Really the respawn issue is more of an issue of your teammate who was her primary target leading her to the spawn. Use chat/PM to ask whoever she's targeted (you can tell when you click on her) to move away from the spawn point.

Really if it's that bad and you died and no one will lead her away, wait 3 minutes for your timer to reset. Then respawn. If you're nuked at this point your respawn timer should be lower than her ability cooldown.

In short there are many ways to avoid this/deal w/it should it come up.