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# 1 PvP Weekly Update - 06/15/2012
06-15-2012, 03:20 PM
PvP Weekly Update 06/15/2012

Short update this week.

The question last week was if this update should continue on a weekly basis or perhaps change. I read through all the replies and weekly looks like the overall favorite.

Iíll continue to do weekly updates, but just as a reminder some weeks may not have much information. This week for example is a small update. I also saw a great suggestion in last weekís thread that I think Iíll incorporate into the weekly updates, which was if I donít have much to talk about I should pose a question to the PvP forum to discuss.

This weekís question :

What if anything do you actually like about the current PvP system ?

Iím not asking what you donít like, just if there is anything that you do like about it.