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06-15-2012, 02:42 PM
I like about the current PvP system;

- The ability to customize our builds in PvP with different gearsets (Yes also Omega/Maco/Borg/Aegis is fun to play with, too bad there arent others. So PVE can keep bringout out new Gear that is both useful in PvP and PvE basically. I dont see the point in specific PvP gear anyway since the good PvP'ers know whats viable to use in PvP. I also like the doff system for that particular thingy, more customization makes our builds more diverse.

- I like so that i can still my skill tree and respec to optimize/change my build and rethink my build/strategies. Too bad respec tokens are way too expensive and should be looked at. Especially for PvP'ers to stay viable in PvP occasional respeccing (Even if it were just to see if a skill spec actually works) its really required and essential. But the cost of respec tokens is just way too much now.

- I like 5v5, but I also like when a match puts me in a 4v4, or 3v3 even, which rarely, but does happen. Why? Its more controlled environment, less chance of having a spam match with all the new pets and &*%$&$# --- I also like 1v1's to test out new builds etc etc. Its not really part of PvP, well it basically is, but i like it.

- I like the new ships that are brought into the game, but as a real Escort player I'd like to see more of the Defiant/Jemmy/Mvam(Beta) like ships. Anyways, new ships also makes us PvP'ers buy them, why? Not just because they are potentially OP, but we like to fly what we want to fly right? This is no different with PvP'ers. If i fly a dumb looking ship, i dump it, no matter what the specifications are.

- I like the maps that have been made for PvP, never the less boring after a while and basically no dynamics inside it. I miss 1 of the most beforehand maps for instance the Badlands, this would be an ideal map for PvP with dynamic influences, plasma storms, spots where u might possibly hide, etc.

- Teamplay, without it its not so much fun after a while. Pugging is fun as well. I like either pug vs pug, where I'm also part of the pug. Why? Because the matches are pretty equal then most of the time. I also like premade vs premade with controlled rules on what we should and shouldnt take (Obviously alot of unbalanced P2W spam/consoles)

- OrganizedPVP community, if those guys werent there, i would probably have stopped playing this game. I even love the QQn thats going on there regularly

- Ker'rat... yes... I do not come there often because its so buggy and it takes too much effort to go there mostly :p But since its the only Open world PvP existing in this game i have no real choice but to like it, right?

Thats what I like, unfortunately there is more in PvP that i DONT like or thats just basically not there.
But since that wasnt your question I will pass those for now


I have a nice idea for PvP by the way, (we need more different game modes than just senselessly raping each other):Create some kind of football game where there are 2 goals and an 'Ejected Warpcore' represents the ball. Basically the team needs to keep the warp core and instead of shooting a ball in a goal we would have to smash the warp core against the opposing team's Starbase!

Or make a timer on the ejected warpcore so there is a limited time for either team to make the final move or else Get the $#%# outta there! (20km blast radius!) make it canon!