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06-15-2012, 03:45 PM
  • The OrganizedPvP Community is a lot of fun to hang around with. If it wasn't for the overall STO community and the OPvP community specifically, I probably would have long stopped playing entirely.
  • Team Based Play - If it was all just solo PvP, it couldn't keep me. THe concept of cross-healing and coordination is what makes PvP fun.
  • Build Options - Some skills seem mandatory currently, others underpowered, but even then, there is still a lot of room for interesting builds. I would love to see more build directions for each class and ship to go with, though.
  • Low Gear Dependency - Sure, there are the STF sets and they basically ruin a lot of item choice, but it doesn't really matter whether you have the Mark XI or Mark XI variants, and even the "old" style STF sets are still highly competitive. I don't like to grind to have a hope of being competitive in PvP, and I don't need to do that in STO.
  • I like Ker'rat. In my mind,it's not "serious" PvP like ARenas are. The map is broken mechanically in so many areas. But it brings some chaos to everything. You don't know if you'll be the hunted or the hunter. It is a great place to hang out between queued PvP matches.
  • Close Arena Matches. These are the best. It doesn't matter whether it is because you are in a chaotic PuG where neither sides really coordinates or if it's two premades duking it out - close matches can be fun and can be real nail biters.