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06-15-2012, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by Warmaker01 View Post
Just a tidbit of opinion with the B'Rel Torpedo Boat and a heavy reliance on FB3, and specifically your BOFF selection. The basic premise of FB requires something shooting at you, the more the merrier. If you're running a traditional B'Rel Torp Boat and trying to maximize the use of the Enhanced Battle Cloak, you're wasting the benefits of the B'Rel's special cloak. Not saying FB will not work at all, but it's a bit of a contradiction on a B'Rel.

Also, if you intend to get shot at alot and have FB running, you might need some more abilities to buff your shielding.
Very valid points.

I had heard that, with Attack Pattern Alpha, Go Down Fighting, and Tactical Initiative can boost the amount of damage reflected back at the attacker to 200% of the damage received. Sometimes killing the attacker very quickly.

I figured, this would be great to counter someone trying to attack me while I was in the middle of attacking someone else. If it kills them as quickly has some have claimed, that is....