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06-15-2012, 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by Kolbrand
I would not drop jam sensors, as it is one of your best gtfo abilities.

I recently dropped aux2sif and went w/ emergency power to engines. This with jam sensors and evasive maneuvers puts me at well over 200 speed if I pop a battery. Pretty much gets you out of anything as long as you have your other anti-debuff stuff. Personally I run jam sensors 2 for that extra duration.

It's more of a failed alpha thing though. You use it after your stuff hits, in case they are somehow still alive (Trico got popped early).
I usually only find myself running away when I've been forcibly decloaked, my shields are almost gone, and I'm out of hull heals.

I usually use Jam Sensors for my alpha strike, not for running away.