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06-15-2012, 03:02 PM
What are your classes and what style do you like to play as? You say you've played both styles, so you know how different they can be. And I want to be a third voice saying that if you decide on an Odyssey, the Tac version is the worst of the three.

Shuttles are low prioitry, and there are better things to do with 400 points. The Delta is barely slightly better than a Danube, and there aren't many shuttle missions anyways. If you're wanting to make every point count, there are much better things than shuttles.

Additionally, you may want to consider spending your first 500 C-points on an extra pair of character slots. Even if you don't use them to play with, thats twice as much refining capability, twice as many officer reports you can file, twice as many Midterms to take, and twice as much contraband you can turn in (collected via Klingon doffing). They pay for themselves in short order, and with 4 characters I pull 100 c-points a day.

Also, you may want to add the EC-limit-increase to your shopping list. Once you get really going, especially on selling STF loot and other high-end stuff, that 10-million mark goes from way-off-in-the-distance to a painfully low cieling.

Lastly, if you've got $12 to spare and you decide you want stuff like bank space and the like, the Collectors Edition is that cheap on Amazon, and will unlock a bunch of extra storage and another character slot for you, plus 400 c-points and the Red Matter Capacitor.