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06-15-2012, 03:06 PM
I hate every other MMO I have played. I am no good at it in any capacity. That having been said, I must be honest: PvP is the only reason I still play STO. It is very rare that I am actually "good" at something, as I tend to be more average in a lot of areas, but master of none of them. STO PvP has been one of my badges of pride, in that I know that I am far from the best, but I am good at what I do.

What do I love about STO PvP? I love the fast paced firing and flying, the quick thinking it takes to out maneuver someone and catch them at the critical moment when the right amount of buffs that you have calculated and saved up now become the finishing move to take someone out. I love working with a coordinated team against an equally coordinated team (not a team that relies on "Oh crap! Timmy is about to bite it! He is at 2% hull!!! *Extend Shields* Whew...that was a close one. Don't worry about Timmy anymore....he is in near Godmode now..." *Cough* *Cough* Extends shield resist is busted as Hades....*Cough*)

I love evenly matched fights, or as close to even as possible. Despite what many may think, a steamroll match where one side grossly outskills the other is no fun. There is no challenge, and no sense of accomplishment afterwards. I can clearly remember a time when evenly skill teams...even PUG teams, ended up in the same arena, and 45 minutes and carpal tunnel in both wrists later, everyone is slapping each other on the back and shouting "Good Game" at the top of their lungs. I can honestly say it has been over a year since I have had the joy in being in such a match, but even today, I take every PUG match as MAYBE today will be the day I have one of those matches again. Fleet members,RL friends and I knew this was going to happen when F2P came out: players with almost two years of experience were going to go up against two week old Vice Admirals and slaughter them....usually over and over and over again. There were a few that shined and stuck it out, rose through the PvP ranks and have earned their names is the fictional PvP Hall of Fame, but many cried "Hackers! OP! This sucks and is pointless!" and were never heard from again.

What do I love about PvP? Something I haven't had in a long time: a true sense of a well played game against a group of people who know what it is to loose 15-14, but still able to say that it was a well fought and well earned victory. Epic battles that at the end of the fight, we all respect each other a little more. How do you program PvP matches to include respect and dignity? I don't know....that is why you guys are the designers, and I am just the Merc with a Mouth who love a good fight. Not an Extends circle jerk, not a match where I just hit spacebar and roll through the opposition, but a match that after it is over, I have to go smoke a cigarette just to give my arms a break and watch OPvP explode with "OMG! We just had this awesome match! Player X, damn good flying! Player Y, way to hang in there and survive all that damage! Damn GG all!"

That is what I love about PvP, and I want it back....some way, some shape, some form. I want a game of skill where we all respect each other in the end, not scowl and spit venom.

And taquitos........................taquitos in every players ship. Only because taquitos is just fun to say..............taquitos.......