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06-15-2012, 03:10 PM

1) The complexity of the build system. There are multiple viable builds for PvP rather than one 'perfect' build. (The fact that many powers were altered for reasons other than PvP creating fewer viable choices was to my thinking a telling blow against the long term playability of PvP.)

2) Multiplayer. While some want lower numbers of ships in matches, I would like to see much higher numbers in a single match. Kerrat, (with all it's known flaws,) is proof that many others also want a massive battlefield. Odds be damned, I want a free-for-all where anyone can go to pew any time of day or night without respawining every ten minutes right on top of one another in a great big ball.

3) Teamwork is a primary factor in great PvP experiences. 5v5 is virtually perfect for this, in limiting the number of power-builds a team can have while requiring a number of healing and support ships. Premade vs. Premade will likely not benefit from greater numbers and can be demonstrated to be less satisfying with fewer. Mass melees for PuG's, but for a well coordinated team, 5v5 is the way to go. If only we didn't have to resort to a third-party communication system to overcome the deficiencies of the STO Voice.