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06-15-2012, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
The question last week was if this update should continue on a weekly basis or perhaps change. I read through all the replies and weekly looks like the overall favorite.

Ill continue to do weekly updates, but just as a reminder some weeks may not have much information. This week for example is a small update. I also saw a great suggestion in last weeks thread that I think Ill incorporate into the weekly updates, which was if I dont have much to talk about I should pose a question to the PvP forum to discuss.
I like this, thanks. With something as long-term and possibly game-changing as PVP additions, I think many of us feel that regular communication/exchange of ideas is not just necessary but appreciated.

I personally like cross-faction Q's, I wasn't a happy camper when Feds got FvF, and I'm not really fond of the idea KDF and Fed mixed teams. I read last week "Starbases scream PVP' to you, as they do I, but I feel that if Faction vs Faction PVP remains in STO, this is where it should be (Starbase PVP).

I like Shanty Town, I've always felt Ship interiors were really constricting to Ground PVP. I like Ground PVP'ing in open areas, and the landscape of Shanty Town (buildings, multiple levels) is very appealing. The Ground map from 'Cutting the Chord' would be great to PVP on, imo.

I like War Zones, Otha and Ker'rat both, I'd like to see the idea expanded to include other maps with other enemy PC's involved (the Breen, Devidians, Undine).

I like Objective based PVP, as with War Zones and Shanty Town and Cap n Hold.

I like big matches, meaning many players on each team.

I like the customization of builds, but find the Ground skill tree to be a bit wonky, espescially tthe way it limits points while levelling. I remember talk of maybe introducing customizable kits, I'm wondering if this is still in the cards?