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06-15-2012, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by kmssp2008 View Post
I have an idea for a new class of Starship, which is a large carrier ship! Each ship would carry a battle group of starships (not fighters), these would be starships that we've come to know. Imagine a battle group of Defiant starships loaded into 1 Carrier starship. You could build special missions around these "Carrier Battle Groups" In the "pick your starship" mode you would set the carrier as your default starship, and then their would be a sub menu that allows you to add other starships into the carrier. In battle you can launch all your starships, and command 1 ship manually with an action button that lets you command the other ships remotely.


In multiplayer - The Carrier Battle Group would allow a fleet of (players) link up with the Carrier ship and warp into battle together.

The options are unlimited.

sooo... you want this ship

or like this