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06-15-2012, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
This week’s question :
What if anything do you actually like about the current PvP system ?
Just briefly, I like:
It's Player vs Player, that's what I originally came to pvp for, after all.
The OPVP community. Seriously, I would have left STO long ago if not for you lot.
The space combat system in STO is unlike anything else anywhere. It's so chock full of potential to be one of the best pvp experiences out there, if it could only get the resource and attention that it so deserves.
Not being gear dependant. Though stf loots are skewing that a bit, some small measure of skill/know-how will still outweigh gear.
Being able to tweak my build/boff loadout to my own tastes in an effort to eek an extra ounce of performance.
Last but not least (and a re-iteration of point #1): It's pew p-pew, and that is fun in and of itself.