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06-15-2012, 04:16 PM
the game engine's player verse player ship interaction is the funiest video game content i have ever played. the combination of tall ship physics, the ship equipment, the weapon types and all the station powers make for an incredibly sound gameing environment. it was like a pvp expert designed it.

several of the details i would have done differently, no ship in the ip rapidly fired off 8 different beams or cannons at once in the show, it was less is more with ship weapons in the IP. the spike damage and healing yoyo effect i would make much less dramatic as well. there also would be no carriers, at least not how they are now in an environment were they can be used against other player. if there had to be carriers their pets would be for dealing damage only, no debufs or befudling abilities. they break the balance created by cooldowns, they can inflict their opponent, die, immediately respawn and inflict again in an unbreakable cycle. they flush fun down the toilet of anyone thats around them. ands lag the hell out of the game, at least 30% of my deaths are from 5 seconds of unending lag. lets see another 30% is from powers not activating when i click on them, 40% is from being mobbed and my team mates being useless, and the last 5% is from simply being out played. the point is a game were 50% of my deaths are from being out played, and 50% of my deaths being from getting mobbed would be ideal.

the ship npcs in this game still feel mostly like place holders, they have 1/10 the depth and complexity a player ship has. fighting them in this otherwise brilliant game engine sucks the fun right out of playing. any time i have to do pve, even the most supposedly fun pve, it feels like a grind. the d'deridex defender proves npcs can be interesting opponents, and they are possible to make. these npcs being so bad has caused the majority of players to be completely unprepared for facing other players, and is the reason so many avoid it. i don't think a pvp overhaul can succeed without the player base properly trained by the pve content how to actually play to their ships potential.