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06-15-2012, 04:19 PM
Ker'rat - Sensing a theme here? haha

Although I don't think Ker'rat itself can be saved (too buggy, to time intensive to fix) but I think if we have it replaced with the same type of system just built up anew.
It needs the PvPvE, It needs to be easily accessible and something I can just pop into for just a mins or hours. And "maybe" a similar function as the No Win PvE where you get different enemies and along with them maybe different objectives. Just so that is each time it is going to be a little different even with the same people.

Also maybe Different objectives for each faction and this style of map should STAY FvK.
Most of us love Ker'rat just fine it too buggy and would love more from it. Any open PvP system we get should look at the ideas behind Ker'rat and build on them. We have a system that fundamentally works we just need to build on it.