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06-15-2012, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Merriman
At approx. 5 am (eastern time) this morning, Dan Stahl was answering questions from players via the Red Alert channel. 1 of the questions was asked by a member of my fleet. He asked when the Ambassador was coming. I do not have his exact quote, however, it was something along the lines of: Ambassador is planned, however, it will not be in game before Season 7. I'm sure there must be a transcript available somewhere, or, perhaps from a player who was online at that time this morning.

It is unfortunate they can't just bring the darn Ambassador into the game already, however, at least Stahl confirmed it is coming once these next dozen or so ships are released.
Thats pretty much the same answer we've been getting for years "it's planned but later on" or "It's in the works, but won't happen before this other thing." I wouldn't get my hopes up until you see screen shots of it being tested in the game. Or like Excel class where you could find it in the Space docks outside ESD on a few of the maps.