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Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
I think the limit is actually 25. But I agree the limit makes little sense. I would think the contact limit should be something more like 50.

However, can you not do the same thing with using interacts and pop-up dialogues? You can reskin neutral targs for additional people, and then add an invisible object as the interact and select "talk - neutral" as the animation.
All though I think your misspelled it, You are suggesting I skin out a combat asset as a contact, but use a neutral NPC to act as the anchor, but use a object dialog to set up the dialog box.

I will give that a try.

Yes, my reason to have 250 contacts is because on this map I am setting up the main story line and then I want to go in and set the side stories which requires the player to actually meet people in the environment.

It is the layering of these contacts that makes for a more complete story because there is to many people for the player to encounter to remember. So, as the story is played more times, the player will always encounter something new in the story.

One of the problems I have with Cryptic Star Trek stories is that they are designed to be played by 8 year olds. The plots are to simple. My experience with Star Trek Stories is that they are complex. They have many layers to them, and each character has a plot line.

I am hoping as story writers on the Foundry we can encourage Cryptic to recognize this as a benefit to the Foundry story telling.