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# 2638 Tadpoles and Slimey Lockboxes
06-15-2012, 05:31 PM
Upon opening his umpteenth Ferengi Lockbox and feeling “Meh” about it, rc realized the little big eared swindlers had a good thing going in all this found (planted?) temptations. It wasn’t like rc wanted one of those silly Marauders. They were playing the insurance averages and charging enough for all the Master keys sold to more than cover the loot. Like 21st century bar pull tabs, he was done with it, and planned to pollute the fleet bank with the rest of them. :p

Conversely, his counterpart in the KDF, Kyrlea Rantang, aka Red Skirt, had done fairly well with them, but decided to quit while she was ahead.

Rc had done poorly in the combat sims with the other more active fleet members in competition and did some studying and upgrading of his holosuite equipment. Instead of the mere battle command texting system, he finally ponied up for the Mumble enhancement. Rumor has it when r finally activated and talked with members galaxy wide live the first time, Demongene nearly hit an asteroid realizing he missed the momentous occasion. Rumors of Galactic doom and gloom continue, as if this was the breaking of some unholy dimensional seal.

So when rc showed up a second time ready to enter the Cure training scenario as his Red Skirt toon, (Based on the rumored fierce Orion Lt General) Jaws again dropped among those able to mumble.
Now it would seem with the studies, upgrades, access to Mumble, and recent practice, one would expect rc’s rusty ground actions would improve.

You would be partially right and still part wrong. You can ask Stoney, Queetz, Fastback, and Guitar, they can be counted upon to maybe confirm it was at least, not disastrous.

The most telling evidence can be found in rc’s personal log. “, when fast back, or was that guitar, I don’t remember” (Clinking glass and bottle gurgling sounds go here.) “Anyway, I was guarding the first key from worker drones, while the others went forward to activate the rest. As the drones appeared I started plastering them with my tetryon mini-gun, missing my old bad aft sniper. Was doing ok but they started showing up too fast. One of the team came back to help, and reminded me to knock them away from the transmitter when they close. I felt so stupid and started rifle butting. When I replayed the video I saw. maybe that was Queetz, Stoney would’ve been at the front setting up, anyway I saw a look at my back, shaking his head while he rejoined the forward squad, while I was rifle butting another worker. I zoomed in on my back and spied the unutilized Nanopulse Battleth dangling, as I swung the awkward minigun.”

(Sipping sound goes here.) “Man I am outa practice. Note to self: send a bottle of the third batch of new whiskey to every body but Stoney. It is good stuff and Rock for brains has plenty, but I still owe an apology to Guitar, Fastback, and Queetz. The instant Verbal discussion was overwhelming along with new active key commands…. Rc out”
“Fannie, schedule me another slot.”
“Sir, it is a busy night” (rc looks at her) “of course suite #3 has been glitchy I’d appreciate your assessment..”

It is good to be Admiral.