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03-22-2009, 07:00 PM
Sevenblade I find your reasoning on this to be both informative and insightful and I agree with a lot of what you said. I even agree partially with Zombies view of the federations stand point on the borg task force and I was not intending to contradict what was said.

I was trying to point to a reasoning to why the federation would dismantle the taskforce and send the ships away to other assignments. It seems from my perspective that the federation has been distracted by closer to home conflicts such as the romulans and klingons and the potential for conflict their. When I think of this I can picture some federation politician sitting at his desk hugging himself and giggling because he disbaded the useless "borg taskforce" and assingeg it to more "important duties". Its seems as though politicians are making the big decisions instead of the brass at starfleet. Or that parts of the brass at starfleet are those politicains hugging themselves.

When I look at the last 2 movies with the Baku and the Romulans it shows that the federation is breaking rules or taking gambles and hoping they will pay off. Breaking rules in the Baku relocation attempt and gambleing on the chance that a single change in romulan power would mean long lasting peace for the federation. Skullzy brought out part of my reasoning when he said "I would say itís not my assumption but Starfleet brass prioritizing active threats verses what by their information would seem like a historical threat"

To me it looks as though starfleet is making a new "Historical" error.

But thats just my point of view. If their are any questions let me know send me a message or just post im checking this "Path to 2409" forum until the new one comes out. I would especially like to here more from Sevenblade, Loekii, Zombie, and Skullzy for their perspective views.