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06-15-2012, 10:38 PM
Most of this mission was great, but I am unable to finish, even on normal. After the honor guard gets wiped out the next three ships at once are just unbeatable with any equipment, skills, abilities, or strategies at my disposal. I mean really ... even when I pull just one ship it tractor beams me and hits me with three or four plasma torpedoes all at once??? Sure I could shoot 'em down ... if I had eight weapons or immediate weapon recharge. As is I can see no way to finish this. I tried about 30 times, many strategies. Any advice appreciated. Doing this at level 27 in fairly normal/decent gear. What am I missing?

Addendum: I tried again a half dozen times. This appears to be a no-win scenario. My best strategies resulted in a hopeful positions with some damage on the target, only to have the second or third ship engage and again be hit with a tractor beam (or two) and seemingly endless plasma torpedoes.