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Digital Killers is a PC Gaming Community that is now recruiting experienced players! Join us on Xfire, Teamspeak, Our website and of course, in game in our fleet. Take some time to look around our professionally done website (Which is being revamped Sunday the 17) and stop by to meet some of us on our teamspeak. Good luck, and I hope to see you online.

We have clan wide events where you can win real prizes worth hundreds of dollars for being active and recruiting. We feel that you should reward the people who do tremendous work for the clan in an attempt to further improve the clan.

Take note that we are not like all the other clans here on the STO forums. We do not just spam our name everywhere to get recruits, we are not a nuisance. Our clan is 18+ of age (Exceptions can be made for very mature players) and we are mature and professional in what we do. We have recently started recruiting again and are growing rather fast, but are not a huge clan yet, but in time we will get there. We run our clan in an army fashion to suit our main supported games. Which are Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. We do have ranks but do not let this deter you as we are a laid back clan, so we will not be giving you annoying orders and pulling rank. Rank just shows how well you earned your place, and the amount of respect you have in the clan. As well as seniority through a long time in the clan.

Website- (Go to the site and register and post your oath and we will get you set-up in seconds.)

Teamspeak Address-

My Xfire Handle to Contact me- xsargentsmashx