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Originally Posted by Sevenblade View Post
None taken, though that's because you're not really reading what we said. No one's condoning or defending Starfleet's decision to do so. Read Zombie's or my own posts. Multiple times (sometimes in the same post!) we state that since we already know the Borg are coming back, clearly it's a braindead move on Starfleet's part. However, the Starfleet Admirals don't have this knowledge, so we're trying to show you their motivation for disbanding the task force, as many posters in this thread keep stating it doesn't make sense.

So in summary:

Disbanding the task force - Obviously a bad idea, but we know that because of our 3rd person perspective. However, it makes more sense than you think - if you look at it from an in-universe viewpoint.
I agree with your thoughts exactly, my points are just to try and show a reason why the federation is acting this way and how it is a mistake I know I have more information then they do my post is for people who see this "path to 2409" segment and go "????? whats all that supposed to mean thats dumb? and to help them imagine what the characters are hopefully thinking I may be wrong and In some points I probably am but its just their to give a distinct "in his shos" point of view for people to better understand.