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06-16-2012, 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by olguy

Addendum: I tried again a half dozen times. This appears to be a no-win scenario. My best strategies resulted in a hopeful positions with some damage on the target, only to have the second or third ship engage and again be hit with a tractor beam (or two) and seemingly endless plasma torpedoes.

Im sorry you feel that way but its the 6th or 7th highest rated klingon mission with close to 700 play though. I'd hardly call that a no win scenario.

if you started on a higher difficulty setting then perhaps you have not exited the whole mission and its still on a high difficulty. I have tested this mission myself many times and have no problems. either that or it would suggest perhaps one of your power settings is wrong or something is wrong with your gear. its not an easy battle but its not meant to be super tough.

there is enough space between the enemy ships that if you fly south and then approach the ships carefully you can take them one by one without attracting the attention of the others