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06-16-2012, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by bacillix
Concerning STF's:

Overall, I've done about 70-80 Cure/Infected Space STF's on normal difficulty. As I have progressed, I have upgraded all of my weapons to Mk XI [Borg] and a 2 pc Borg/2 pc KHG Mk X set.

I've recently started parsing during the sessions to get an idea of where I sit DPS-wise. On moderate length fights, I am pushing 4-5k DPS on a good run, and just around 3k when I do stupid things or am slow to react.

With all the gently carressing love I have read about noobs getting into E-STF's unprepared and the great experiences the vets have had dealing with said noobs, I don't want to be "that guy" and gently carress an Optional.

I'm pretty sure my gear is good to go and my skill tree is pretty much fine tuned for what I do. I fly a BoP and use hit & run tactics, cloaking at every opportunity. I try to never stay in a fight any longer than I have to based on the cloak CD, and whether or not I have a good shot lined up with a torp spread on a down shield.

But... I could be flying it wrong and missing out on potential +dps. I'll know if I am flying it jacked up based on how others may respond in this thread dps-wise.

There's nothing really to compare it to aside from the other guys doing the N-STF's and since they are doing normals too, it really isn't a great comparison for determining whether or not I could be a viable partner in an Elite version dps-wise.

Am I pushing at least the bare minimum DPS you would recommend to attend an E-STF (space)?
As long as you know 10% rule and you do have mkXI gear,you can start doing elites.
STF ELITES are all about 10% rule,if you know that nobody will bash you or call you a noob.
And 10% rule is what Caelras told you earlier.
Problem with noobs is that they don't listen to what others say and have team chat turned off or what is worse they don't know basic english and use translators when playing elite stf.
Thats why vets are always ****ed on them,and i can understand them.

Overall you should be fine