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Not only, are we are old (+30)
Not only, are we are mature (see above and donít go by the definition)
Not only, do we like TOS better than the rest (but we like everything Star Trek) Well some of us do
Not only, do we like to Roleplay (TOS/TAS/TNG/DSP/ENT)
We arenít only social before gameplay
We know (some of us think) Kirk could kick Picardís A$$!
We are funny (at least James is)
We are not only a small Fleet (hope to be medium) 175 members so far
We are relaxed (no online requirement)
We have no rules (except for point one)
we have a cool website (
We have a website with a short Fleet Application.
We now have a Klingon Fleet (TOS Qan Mang) .

We also operate in EUROPE, see a Hegemony recruiting office near you!!!

Richard Silk