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06-16-2012, 09:02 AM
Got the fleet escort today and changed all the gear over; its proven rather nasty so far. Going to get even better if the tribble +40% bleedthrough comes across.

2 normal stfs, 2 elite stfs; 1st or 2nd in damage on three occasions (the fourth had the wrong boff loadout, since fixed).

Fore: 3 x RF Transtorp, 1 breen cluster torp
Aft: RF Transtorp, hargh'peng, trans mine launcher

Current BOff:
Tac: tt1/tyh2/thy3/dp:b3
Tac: ts1/ap:b1/ap:b2
Sci: PH1/HazEm2
Eng: EptS1/extend shields 1 (team heal)
Eng: EptS1

Only planned changes are replacing the hargh'peng with disruptor turret (for more debuff) and tweaking the attack patterns and torp spread.