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06-16-2012, 10:00 AM
these ships are just reskined romulan d'deridex warbirds or morgai escorts (i forget which). Keep your distance for one thing. the big Plasma torps can be shot down. the moment you see them start targeting them. also the brace for impact power will protect you from kinetic damage on all torps and minimise the damage done to you. use it a couple of seconds before it hits you.

click on your shield quadrants to replenish your strength in the weakened area and make sure you have powers like engineering team to heal your hull and science team to heal your shields.

try to pick one side of the enemy ship and target it. focus your fire on the shield quadrant and expose their hull as quickly as possible.

as i mentioned above try to position yourself south of the map so that your take the enemy group one at a time. dont just aim for the middle one and get caught on all 3 sides.

see if you can buy a few extra bits of gear in the exchange that are cheap or the dilithium store to boost your weapon/console strength. make sure you have spent all your skills points, especially in areas such as weapons, shields and hull fo your character and your boffs space abilities. its easy to forget to spend them.