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06-16-2012, 11:23 AM
Cryptic has mentioned that they will come up with a way to get KDF consoles to Starfleet and Starfleet consoles to KDF. Of course, some consoles will be restricted like the Odyssey and its Klingon counterpart. How they accomplish that is not known. There is also the fact that lockboxes have consoles in them. The Cardassian lockbox had the Graviton Pulse/Impulse Capacitance Console Pack which appears to be the first cross-faction console pack. The Ferengi Lockbox had the Theta Radiation/Photonic Displacement Console Pack. Of course, these are all cross-faction consoles so the devs might have decided that since players can get their faction's ship, then buying them on the C-Store is sufficient. After all, why buy a T3 ship for the console when you can get it cheaper in a console pack.