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06-16-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by spektre12
Here is my rough draft, 3D model to follow.



  • Crew: 30.
  • Hull: 26,000.
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.20
  • Weapons Fore: 4.
  • Weapons Aft: 2.
  • Base Turn Rate: 17 D/sec
  • Tactical Consoles: 4.
  • Engineering Consoles: 3.
  • Science Consoles: 2.
  • Console Stations Tactical: 3: 1 Ens 1 LCDR, 1 LT.
  • Engineering Consoles: 2: 1 LCDR, 1 LT.
  • Science Consoles: 2: 1 Ens, 1 LT.
  • Special Consoles: Multi-Vector Phaser Countermeasure "Ring of Fire". 4 small 90 DEG Quadrant single
    cannons firing simultaneously for 10 seconds. Targets Projectiles and fighters.
  • Special Abilities: +20 to all weapons.
Ok; First of all, i never do this normally, but thanks for giving the Tier 2 saber escort some attention. Ive been wanting to fly this thing at Tier 5 (With full Tier 5 specifications) since a long time!

But let me put my advice/tweaking on the layout and specs:

4 Fore
3 Aft

instead of 4 fore, 2 aft.
Just put the Weapon power back from +20 +15, basically with +15 to weapons + Warp core potential = 20 + borg console = 125. Its kinda useless having +20 to weapons then.

4 fore, 3 aft is just like any other fedscort. Fair.

Turnrate should be at LEAST comparable to the defiant, but I'd say that any fancy cannon can not go up against a Cloack from the defiant even if its a new special saber console, so thats why i say buff up the turn rate to at least let it come very close to the jem hadar.

In fact this saber escort is so cute and tiny it should have the same turnrate/speed as the jemmy.


Commander Tact
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Ensign Universal. <--- In my opinion every ship needs that because it gives us that tiny bit more freedom on our ships.

Nice draft btw.