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06-16-2012, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by Trek17
definitely agree. it's not so much that the mission's bad (medicore, yes, but not terrible), it's that it's blatantly obvious something is up as soon as we search those crates... but we can't do anything about it until too late.

in my plan above, it's remastered with little resources (at least as far as i know), and allows the player to decide what to do. you can decide to play the fool and have the romulans be inflirated easily, or confront the 'Admiral' early on and stop things from going terribly wrong. with my plan, there's replay value to a degree, the career options, less mobs... and so on.

i definitely think it's a good idea
I think this is a great idea. Love your rework of the episode. I would love to see this and a lot of other rewrites with a similar "tree" choices available, both good and bad, with different results. I would just add this. In the event you choose the worst case scenario and kill all those innocent Romulans then the Federation hands you over to the Romulan authorities where you are tried for mass murder and sentenced to life in a Romulan penal colony... :p