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06-16-2012, 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by Pococurante
Bran, any estimate when we might see the mute bug fix for player channels? This has really cut into my ability to enjoy STFs.
While I must admit that I don;t see this as a bug (I consider it as either harassment by player muting other players out of spite or "white as snow" players getting muted for a darn good reason but they don;t want to admit to it.) considering communications between players in STFs is an issue, maybe unmuting everybody while in a STF or on a fleet starbase should be considered.

And once they're out of that environment, return the mute status.

edit: While I've not had any issue with Pococurante, I seem to recall the last two folks complaining about being incorrectly being muted, I was one of the players who had done so and I had done so for a very darn good reasons.