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06-16-2012, 05:34 PM
Seems like semantics to me...

What about the "Sau Paulo" class? I even named my Sau Paulo as the class, U.S.S. Sau Paulo, and configured it as the Sau Paulo (default) appearance, but I'm beyond confident that many if not most would look at it, see its appearance, and dub it a Defiant Class...

The Armitage is perhaps best described as a revision of the Akira... Even the item summary describes it as:

"The original Akira Class Heavy Escort was envisioned as a light carrier and torpedo boat. Although it could be equipped with several torpedo launchers, it never lived up to its full potential, and Starfleet never felt much of a need to engineer its starships as carriers. But a war on multiple fronts have inspired Starfleet engineers to re-envision old designs. Building upon the Akira's latest prodigy, the Thunderchild, Starfleet has released the latest in a proud line: The Heavy Escort Carrier: Armitage Class.

The Heavy Escort Carrier lives up to pedigree, and finally fulfills its predecessors original role. The Heavy Escort Carrier comes with a single hangar bay with a wing of Peregrine Fighters. Other hanger ships can also be equipped if desired. It is also a powerful torpedo boat. It is also a powerful torpedo boat that is equipped with a Photon Torpedo Point Defense System. This Console Mod fires a massive photon torpedo barrage at multiple targets in all directions. The Photon Torpedo Point Defense System can only be equipped on the Heavy Escort Carrier. It may be placed in any console slot, but you may only equip one of these mods.

The Heavy Escort Carrier configuration includes the Armitage, Akira, Oslo, and Zephyr classes."

It clearly says it's in the Akira "family", it's just a later generation of that family... You wouldn't call a person's child the same as their parent, but they are clearly of the same lineage and typically share a "family name"... So since we already anthropomorphize other ship "families", why is this one not allowed to also be the same thing, but rather a big debate over nothing more than semantic differences?

If someone wants to call it the Armitage, they are right, that's what it's "billed as" so to speak, and if someone else wants to call it the Akira, they are also right, because it clearly is of the Akira design parameters and the fact that you can literally play AS an Akira model/skin only further drives home that point.

Neither is incorrect, and anyone saying that only one answer is correct is simply being preposterous and more than worthy of an "ignore"...