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06-16-2012, 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by danqueller
There are two custom bridges associated with the Odyssey for the prototype/standard Odyssey that was released during the Anniversary (the Odyssey bridge), and one for the C-Store specialized Odyssey (Tactical, Operations, or Science), which is known as the Aquarius bridge.

Both bridges are under their own heading in the customization can't select small or large interior, just either Odyssey or Aquarius bridge (note that the Anniversary Odyssey only has the option for the Odyssey bridge, while the C-Store flagships can select either the Odyssey or Aquarius bridges).

The bridge associated with the new Enterprise is the Aquarius bridge, so you can only select it if you are using one of the flagship Odysseys from the C-store.
The bridge I'm talking about in my original post is the Aquarius Bridge.....