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06-17-2012, 09:17 AM
In theory all Tier 5 ships are equal, in that they have a weakness and a strength.

To many the new Armitage has a strength a weakness and a free hanger bay.

It has been pretty much proven that these two ship are the top two Federation Escorts when it comes to DPS.

The problem with a thread like this your comparing two Iconic ships the Akira skin in T5 Format with a fighter escort, and the Defiant with a Fed Cloaking device. Most people are going to be swayed by a preference for one look over another. Mines the Akira.

Look around this ship is heavily discussed at the moment you should be able to find the information required. But your going to be happy with either since they are both Awesome ships.

Torpedo Spam Console, Fighter Bay and a Lt.Com Eng power vs Cloak and a Lt.Com Tac Power. They both have the horrible unforgivable problem of three Tac Ensign skills

I was kidding, but some people truly hate it