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# 2102 I am having trouble with this
06-17-2012, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by Doctor Comics
I just want to note for anyone who might be interested that doh's wrapper works smoothly and easily for Champions as well as STO.

To get Champions onto your Mac, launch the installer for STO, login with your account and password, and click on "options." Click on "show all games." This will create a drop-down menu on the launcher that will allow you to select which game you want to patch/play.

Once you use this drop-down menu to select Champions Online, the launcher will begin to download Champions onto your hard disk. Once the download is complete, just click on "Engage" and Champions will launch.

No alteration to anything inside the wrapper is required. You just have to use the Options menu inside Cryptic's launcher to get it to display Champions as an option, along with STO. (It has always had this capability; the option is just turned off by default.) This presumes you do not have CO already installed on a partition or anything else. The download is not very long, however.

Again, my thanks to doh123 for making this wrapper, which lets me run my favorite games without Boot Camp or Windows!
I am a new mac user and I've tried downloading the game from file planet, I can't get my mac to fully unzip the file so when I try to install using the wineskin wrapper, it can't find the .exe file it needs. I'm starting to wonder if my only hope is to get a version of windows and run it that way. I've been trying for 2 days and am just getting frustrated. I first tried to install the original installed program from my old PC. I was able to get through the sign on and the patches but then it I would get an error message from Cryptic and it would crash. My Macbook Pro has an Intel HD graphics card. I'm not sure it's because I'm a mac newbie so I don't know what I'm doing or if there is something wrong. If anyone can help, would love the assist.