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Originally Posted by Darramouss View Post
Multipurpose can go on any ship, although I don't really think it's of any use except if used in conjunction with the other two ferengi lobi weapons.

The Battle Module 3000 is a D'Kora only console. It gives the D'Kora access to an EMP with caps the power levels of opponent within a 5km radius to 30. It also transforms the D'Kora in to battle mode, giving it boosts to weapons and engines. In battle mode the D'Kora loses EMP but gains swarm missile mode.

I use a D'Kora with all four units. I love how they work together. You drop the concentrated tachyon mines near an opponent, which strips their shields. An EMP prevents them from recovering too quickly and then swarm missiles hits them for awesome kinetic. That being said, I would only ever use the Ferengi set on a D'Kora because the Battle Module 3000 makes an OK set fantastic.
This is the reason I want to get my hands on a Ferengi Maurader. I have the lobi set and would love to use them on a Murader