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06-18-2012, 12:06 AM
Frienly Fire will not help either most of the time the bad players are walking zombies due to several injuries.
They die after one shoot and ask for help every couple of minutes then ignore mission objectives.
Why are there not tutorials to help players learn the ropes and make them required.
Because it seems everyones an expert on the how they should play the E STFs.
Not many people real know how some of the mechanics works.

Like why is it bad to have four people shooting at the big turret while you are planting the bomb.
Then they say that they are increaseing its regen time while ignoring the fact your getting shot.
They don't understand you dont need more time you just dont need little turrets shooting you.

In that run I would have gotten kicked by four people who don't have clue and think I'm wrong.
So how should this kick system work again.