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06-18-2012, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by Caelras View Post
ETA: If you're flying a BoP, think about picking a Sci BO in your LtC or Comm slot and getting a grav well 1. Grav well rocks in STFs, since they all have bad guys heading towards something that shouldn't have bad guys getting near.
This is very true. Grav well is pretty much the only reason why I ever bother to take my pure-sci ships into Elite STFs.

Originally Posted by shimmerless
For what it's worth I've never really gotten anything worth having from the optional besides a few extra Prototype Salvage or EDC. I'm not saying go into public queues and intentionally slouch off, but I think people stress out over the optional way more than the facts justify.
This is also true. Be prepared for QQ if it's missed, but you don't actually lose anything of value. After a couple of weeks your bank will be full of proto salvage and EDCs anyways. The Special Reserve drops come only from the final loot and the optional has no effect on that whatsoever.

Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
I know people love being able to give out a number, but unfortunately some programs might be over or under-stating DPS scores.
Cryptic's combatlog doesn't give enuff information about who did what to properly attribute the um credit...properly.

Putting Attack Pattern Beta, Sensor Scan, etc on a target boosts everybody's damage significantly, yet the person who used that power gains the same as everybody else.

High raw DPS isn't the same as effective group DPS.

Originally Posted by Tolic
As long as you know 10% rule and you do have mkXI gear,you can start doing elites.
STF ELITES are all about 10% rule,if you know that nobody will bash you or call you a noob.
And 10% rule is what Caelras told you earlier.
Mk XI is unnecessary, especially for escorts (hello overpowered lil ships~). I did some runs with common plasma X stuffs on a DHC/DC escort (to disprove that 'borgs are resistant to plasma' myth) and my DPS only fell a lil bit. Damage mostly comes from the mk0 class of weapon, plus all the ridiculous, overpowered cannon buffs that tactical boffs can make.

Originally Posted by Tolic
Problem with noobs is that they don't listen to what others say and have team chat turned off or what is worse they don't know basic english and use translators when playing elite stf.
Thats why vets are always ****ed on them,and i can understand them.
Yes, teamwork is essential in elite STFs. I'd rather go in with a bunch of science ships wielding rainbow common mk IX lightshows who know what they're doing and are working together than a bunch of 1/2 billion EC purple XII escorts who don't/won't.