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06-18-2012, 05:45 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo
I get that. What what does it have less than an MVAE in exchange for that hangar bay?
I dont see why anything should be taken away for the hanger bay, if she had 2 hanger bays then yes something should be dropped for 2 but she only has one

The Akira has a Though Deck Hanger, not a typical hanger that you would find on other ships, so not much at all is added to the weight of the ship, it is pretty much just a normal deck but just cleared out to make out a hanger so if anything less weight has been taken away from the Akira

She is an Escort Carrier Gun Boat... pretty much a Multi Purpose Ship able to full fill any role that is required of her, so she needs to have Maneuverability, Speed and Firepower all in one ship

She only has 200 Crew, quite small crew for a ship of that size and her capabilities, in STO she only has 6 Fighters, these are one manned Fighters...

in Star Trek Lore the Akira would have around 30 support and fighter Craft, for various roles from Salvage/Repairs, Search and Rescue, and small Shuttles and Shuttle fighter Craft which would be around 18 of them alone, the Akira could Carry a number of different Sized Shuttles and included 2-4 Runabouts all depending on her needs for what ever mission she was faced with

I think the STO T5 Akira has already made alot of sacrifices already compared to the real thing without impacting on her performance in combat

If you nerf the T5 Akira in any way, compared to other Escorts then the Akira would become disadvantaged and would require a Buff in another area, and this would change her Class to something else that she is not... the Akira is classed as an Heavy Escort Carrier Gun Boat... The Carrier part is a Light Carrier not a full blown Carrier

and if anything gets changed then the only thing I could see change for maneuverability would be an increase in Hull Points to increase her survivability which then would make her a Cruiser which she is not, even tho she is a Cruiser Sized Escort...

So at that point anything taken away would require something else added to the T5 Akira to make her feasible in combat again

and we could go around in circles all day swapping this for that and that for this ect