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06-18-2012, 09:17 AM
I do agree, it would be nice if some of those higher end ships (Atrox, Fek'lar (sp?)) came with a matching bridge. I was kind of hoping my top tier Orion ship could have a suitably opulent appearance.

To be honest, the existing bridges could really use a review. If for no other reason, just scaling them down just a bit. The original premise for making bridges so massive was to theoretically accommodate onboard combat... but the Devs have essentially said that it's either not going to happen, or it's a looooong way off (at least as far off as fully customizable interiors). Right now they feel like stadium seating and many of the wall consoles at the back of the bridges end up ridiculously huge.

The art team has proven it's possible to make reasonably sized bridges -- as I recall the Defiant style bridge in the Belfast interior as well as the classic Constitution interior both have reasonable proportions. (The Connie interior easily being the most stunningly impressive in the game; the Belfast isn't bad but the layout at the front of that crew deck is kind of silly IMO). I can understand that this would have to be a back burner project, maybe tied to the long term goals of customizable ship interiors... but I do hope the Devs will keep this in the back of their minds. It's not that I don't love the interiors they made, I think they're quite beautiful... they're just too big to feel realistic.