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06-18-2012, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
We do have a dev or two now. But, yeah, the disconnect between the teams will only get worse. At least we have someone who is desperately trying to rig new stuff to work with old tech. Most likely, some of the coolest new tech will be incompatible with sto.

The section 31 foundry team will move on to a different game after NW. By that point, the tech will just be so far removed that we'll be relying on our Barclay to do whatever one person can do.

But, at least we'll have someone. There was at least a year when nobody on the STO team had anything to do with the Foundry.
You know that whenever the codebase gets updated both CO and STO upgrade to the latest version right?

CO, STO and NWN will, so long as Cryptic maintains developer control, always run off the latest version of the codebase available for both the enhanced tools and compatibility with stuff created for other games.