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06-18-2012, 11:57 AM
Multi-Vector Advanced Escort

Weapons Systems STF PVP
1 x Quantum torpedo MkXII (borg)/ 1 x Quantum Torpedo MkXII (borg) or (Accx3) better
2 x Front AP Mk XII DHC's/ 2 x Disruptor DHC MkXII
1 x Front AP Mk XII DBB/ 1 x Disruptor DBB MkXII
3 x Rear AP Mk XII Turrets/ 3 x Disruptor Turret MkXII
Borg Assimilated Deflector, Impulse Engines & Module/Reman MKXI

Red Matter Capacitor,Subspace Field Modulator

Point Defense System,Grappler (PDS=Borg HY Torp Killer) or 2 X Nuetronium Alloy MKXI+
2 x Field Generator MKXI+
4 x AP Mag Regulator MKXI+

BO Abilities

Tactical Commander
Tactical Team 1, Rapid Fire 1, High Yeild Torp III, Rapid Fire III

Tactical Lt.
Tactical Team 1, High Yeild TorpII

Tactical Ensign
Beam Overload I

Engineering Lt.
Enginering Team I, Reverse Sheild Polarity I

Science Lt. Commander
Tachyon beam I, Transfer Sheild Strength II, Hazard Emitters III
Hazard I, Transfer Sheild Strength II, Tractor Repulser (Take out PDS and Replace with Nuetronium Alloy)

I hope this helps i have since changed to the Escort Carrier
Yes heavy cannons give u a better tet glider count but DHC hit the hull Harder i like to stay 5km to right up ur azz away if ur an escort thats where u need to be CLOSE to target. i can tank a tac cube with this build IT WORKS WELL.

Any Qeustions pls contact me in game Kraven@Livin or join my Website Kraven's Korner