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06-18-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by Javienn View Post
Here is a quote of Cygone and the Torpedo tests he performed back in mid April. These were done for his intrepid torp boat (fantastic build btw -, but discuss the same question: "Quantum vs. Photon vs. Rapid Reload Transphasic, which is best?"

Food for thought.
I find his conclusions really strange. He has just proven Quantum Launchers out damage photons and goes on to say photons are better? Why has he said that? The test shows Quantum’s win out on damage and DPS even with only 2 doffs and one is blue. It also seems that with 2 launchers the cap is 111torpdeos. I bet if he upgraded that blue doff to purple then his Quantum launcher would have pulled even further ahead in DPS over photons.