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06-18-2012, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by Javienn View Post
147 Photons vs. 131 Quantums

131 Quantums, all hitting hull would be 434,003
147 Photons, all hitting hull would be 438,060

Photons are now ahead of Quantums by a marginal ~1%.
The way I read the data is when you get unlucky and fail to hit the max fire rate Quantum’s are within 1% of Photons. But when the triggers work and you hit the cap Quantum’s overtake Photons. If you look at Rapid fire Transphasic which are effectively Quantum’s being 8sec torpedoes you see they hit the cap almost. That means Quantums can hit that cap as well just not every single time with blue doff’s.

So Quantum’s are within Photons damage range but often Quantum’s overtake photons in DPS. More reason to go with Quantum’s was that’s tested with blue Doff’s. One would expect with purple Doff’s Quantum’s would more often than not hit the cap and be ahead of Photons which have no room for faster fireing.

The above is assuming 111 torpedoes is about the cap for 2 launchers, 148 is about the cap for 3 launchers. I know from experience the 4th launcher pretty much always fails to fires to when capped out on speed. (EDIT2: You can only fire 1 torpedo every 2 seconds so 147 is the cap over 300seconds.)

EDIT; To clarify it looks like with looks like 3 Photons launchers shoot 147 torpedoes. Quantum will shoot somewhere around 131 to 147 torpedoes depending on chance triggers. But if you upgrade fully to purple DOffs you should pretty much see Quantum always at the cap at 147.