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06-18-2012, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by FltAdmiralZander View Post
Ok so I have tried repaetedly to be nice about this but that doesnt seem to be working. Beldin and or Superballer you guys need to pull down all graphic created by Joe from your website and team speak. This is not a request.
Didn't you and I have a discussion a few months back about this exact issue? And didn't I state that I wanted to avoid it from happening again? And did you not state that the images created were property of all and that we wouldn't have to worry about it?

The words "petty" and "true colors" spring to mind here...

I will do as you demanded, and not because I know I don't have to (unless you have 20k kicking around to pay a lawyer to try to sue), but we just want rid of you - especially after this.

And this is not a request either; stay away from us.

PS, I know it might take time, but I will petition to have this thread removed - so flame away while its still up if you choose to do so. GLHF