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06-18-2012, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
We have heard the feedback and will be making changes to how players earn the rare limited time only ships. You've already seen a big change with the DS9 DOFF Promo. We will continue to tweak these offerings (as any retailer would) so that we strike the right balance with demand.
The DS9 DOFF pack is a fine approach...
and please stop calling them "lockboxes", if you change how they work rename them!
"LockPacks" for all i care, just make it clear that there are no more floating 3D Boxes in game everywhere and no more boxes in the Need or Greed process (i stopped picking up loot because of those things and i don't even look at the need or greed window anymore)

another problem is, that currently the Ferengi Boxes AND the DOff Jem Hadar Pack are BOTH active.
i would have expected the Ferengi Boxes to finally go away when the Jem Hadar Pack made it's re-appearance, but nope....

i want those 3D Boxes to GO AWAY from my screen and out of the Need or Greed Process ASAP

i played ground PvP 2 days ago... i seriously tried to hide behind a Lockbox because i thought that was just a normal Box on the ground and would break line of sight.... yepp i died... and then facepalmed when i noticed the damn thing was rotating and blinking.