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Originally Posted by Chris_E_D_Allen89
*transmits the codes* Downside is colonel that there is a biometeric scans soon. You can bypass them with a simple modification of your headset.

*Helm responds* Sir we have reached the coordinates.

Alright Commander. Open a channel

*Admiral Allen stands up out of his chair.*

VGA-Federation Fleet this is Admiral Allen of the Federation starship Odyssey. I hope everyone has assembled and is operating at peak efficiency. We will be attacking Tzenkethi strong hold. This war has dragged on and taken things we all care about. This is where that reign of tyranny ends, where this stranger will be brought to justice for the crimes he has committed against the galaxy. We have come together as one united fleet for one common purpose to end the scourge of war and eradicate it from the face of the galaxy.

I will meet with all admirals and generals in the conference room. Admiral Allen out.
not worried about the scan admiral i just needed those codes. thank you. i would wish you luck admiral but i dont think you are going to need it.

he soon is inside starfleet headquarters where he quickly gains access to the main data base and begins going through encrypted files. soon he hears the door to the roam open and 3 people come i with phasers drawn and at the ready. they begin searching the chamber for the intruder.
damn they where quicker then i thought.
he finishs the download of the data base just as the three figures reach him
guard 1: stop right there and identify yourself.
the guards take up positions.
an starfleet admiral walks in.
" well well look what we have here. thought you could find out what was going on hm col sinclaire. well guess what you where wrong and walked into our trap ust like admiral allen and his fleet is going to walk right into his own trap to. after i deal with you two i ill only have to deal with this admiral soval and then all who know that we are in starfleet will be dead."

sinclaire." you really think it is going to be that easy."

" yes i do"

siclaire." well sorry to disappoint you but it wont be."

using his shedai powers he lets loose a powerful surge of energy that knocks all 4 of his would be captors to the ground. and then transports up to a waiting ahuttle in earth orbit as it cloaks and goes to warp.

emergency transmission code alpha red." admiral allen i hope you get this in time but i fear you are walking into a trap. please respond.