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Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
It is possible you picked up a KDF Gorn off the exchange instead of a Federation Gorn. You can tell the difference by the background. One has the symbol of the Klingon Empire, the other has a seal of either Starfleet Tactical (red), Starfleet Corp of Engineers (yellow), ot Starfleet Science (Blue). Check the symbol behind the character next time to make sure you can use him/her before you buy. It may save you some headaches later on.
Yes, you can buy a KDF BOff, and it will not be usable by the player, I have made that particular mistake.

Fed-side KDF BOffs are available for the buying, you can have as many as you can afford, I've got four myself (three were gifts from friends who got tired of them). They are, however, EXTREMELY expensive. Starting up near a million EC when I last looked.