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06-18-2012, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by Demosthenes01101 View Post
2x DCs and 3xTurrets, tetryon, put skill points into flow capacitors, use the armitage and use advanced delta flyers, run 2x quantums with 3 purple doffs.
It's not much of a torpedo boat at that point, and I'm not convinced the resulting DPS would:

A) Be significantly improved vs. Typical DHCx4 or DHCx3 +1 Torp build.

B) Be worth using 3/5 Active Space Roster slots for the damage increase, if any.

I tried exactly what you describe once before and the log parsings did not show anything impressive.

I tried to imagine a way to move up to a 3rd torp to see if that would tip the scale, but I see no viable way to do that in an escort as you have very limited shield stripping capability.