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06-18-2012, 12:27 PM
I already know about that. Reports indicated that and we are taking precautions and massing numbers. The Klingons are coming to help us, species 9042 is also massing its ships, Obisek sent a token force given his circumstances, and I am trying to reach Admiral Soval and General Torpal's forces. They haven't got the jump on us yet.

*Back to the meeting at the conference room.*

Vice Admirals Derek and Rei Ross you will each take a battle group and form up here and here.

*points to points on the battle grid.*

VA Bat'rak you and the Klingon forces and carriers will be part of the back bone of the core battle group. The forces under General Maximus are also going to coordinate strikes. My ship will be here *points to the center of the carriers.*

Vice Admiral Val you will head the support crafts and medical ships, your vessels will treat our wounded and support the escorts and fighters in the fray.

Our plan is to slowly erode their defenses while defending the medical craft.

*points to a miniature hologram simulation of the battle plan*

That is our plan and I expect the Tzenkithi to be supported by faux Federation Vessels. We do not know for certain if there will be any other weapons on that station but this will be a very large risk. Once we clear their defenses the MACO forces, Honor Guard, and security forces will land and begin clearing out this station. Their communications are already jammed thanks to help. So reinforcements are not coming for them. Once inside we will search and destroy all cloning labs they have, and the control room. The mysterious stranger is our top priority and I will deal with him.