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06-18-2012, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
Now here's my question:

Cygone's build is designed around shield stripping, with the goal of getting to the bare hull faster - and to that effect he is limited to 2 PWOs to keep the rest of the build functioning.

That build is very specifically a Sci ship - so how can we make this passable/viable for an STF focused escort?
Raw cannon damage to strip shields?

Most targets are without shields in STFís. [borg] on torpedoes do 1000 damage per shot to hull as well as normal damage. With the upcoming changes a Transphasic torpedo with [borg] will be doing over 3000 damage per shot with shields up and 4000+ with shields down (half that currently). With a max fire rate and the upcomeing changes thatís 1500dps against shields without Torpedo spread or high yield and no damage loss for range or low energy.

It seems to me [borg] Transphasic or [borg] Quantumís are a must for STF runs even if itís just a single launcher with torpedo spread for all those unshielded targets. Personally I just use Transphasic and donít care about shields but for most people I think Quantumís are best.